ClassDojo is one of the most successful, useful, and reliable online classroom management systems available. Dojo is arguably the most popular classroom management program for grades k-12 in the United States.

From our own experience within NYCDOE classrooms and our research, Dojo is the most robust, easy to use, offered free for all!

We highly recommend this program to all new and aspiring teachers. You can use this program to communicate with parents, students, and staff all within the Dojo app available for iPhone, Google Android, and browser.

Additionally, The Dojo messaging feature has Google Translate embed into it. Thus every message received in any language; the app automatically translates the text to your selected default language.

This feature is very convenient for those looking to teach in NYCDOE schools, one of the most diverse and largest educational systems in the United States.

Dojo offers a noise meter, on-screen timer, attendance, among other features. ClassDojo is always growing and improving. However, there are features and other functionalities. Dojo lacks, and other programs offer. Find it at


ClassTag is a very useful alternative to ClassDojo. ClassTag offers additional functionalities not offered by Dojo free of cost.

The ClassTag offers educators similar comparable features to Dojo. For instance, it offers a calendar, parental involvement, weekly updates, and a “Wall” where teachers can share photos, and videos.

Much like Dojo, ClassTag offers the ability to add parents, and students, creating a very productive collaborative triangle. ClassTag can be used on any device with an Internet browser, and on the dedicate AppStore, and Google Play App.

We feel this service offers very competitive features at no cost to educators. Their app can be downloaded here.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is designed to complement your teaching. With features such as cloud collaboration, G Suite integration, offered free to schools, and paid to businesses.

The Google Classroom platform can be used to take attendance, grade student work, create classes, add students, distribute assignments, and send feedback— all in one place. Additionally, teachers can communicate with parents, add parents so that parents can see their child’s work, creating a triangle of collaboration between the parents/guardians, students, and teachers.

To use the timer, type timer on and Google will activate the on-screen timer complete with sound cues. However, unlike Dojo, Google Classroom lacks some handy features. Such as noise meter and a dedicated app.

Furthermore, Google Classroom lacks the centralized app offer by Dojo. For instance, Dojo offers a single app for the reward system, messaging, and every functionality all within the single app. There is no other app that offers this feature.

To use Google Classroom follow the following steps. Once you land on, you will be able to create a class, add students, customize your home screen with colors, or images.

Once started you will be able to streamline classwork to all your students, send out important dates, among other features, think of it, as a Facebook for education, but you have control over everything that happens.

Google Classroom gives the teachers the ability to do everything in the cloud. Therefore, you will be able to work more effectively and add many more tools to your arsenal. For instance, you will be able to get work done from anywhere, grade, and provide feedback from your phone.

Also, students will be engaged, and impressive considering they can use the Google Classroom app for Apple, and Android tablets and smartphones to get in touch with their teacher, and to submit.

Canvas Learning Management Platform

The Canvas Learning Management Platform or Canvas for this article offers very in depth and elaborate features that surpass Google Classroom, ClassDojo, and ClassTag.

Canvas is an advanced classroom management platform for schools and teachers.

Some of the advanced features offered by Canvas include; G Suite Integration, and Microsoft Education integration, all with a single sign in for teachers, and students.

The Canvas platform is a very productive and impressive piece of software for the classroom. However, Canvas is not for everyone. It requires significant setup time and prior knowledge of LMS. We strongly recommended for its robustness and classroom benefits.


The Remind me app available on the AppStore, and Google Play is a great messaging app for teachers.