Fun and Entertainment

Most Educators throughout the United States receive an array of benefits, and incentives ranging from mobile carriers, to travel discounts, among other benefits. On this article, we will go over the best-hidden gems for NYCDOE educators and beyond.

NYCDOE employees are eligible for discounts on Avis, Hertz, and Budget, and Enterprise car rentals. Additionally, educators are eligible for discounted travel on, Red Roof Inn, and the Choice Hotels chain, among other hotels.

Teachers can take advantage of using their educator’s ID to receive a FREE season pass to the Sesame Place Theme Park in PA, approximately 90 minutes or so from New York.

Sesame Place is a child frenziedly theme park with both dry and water games, and slides, as well as the traditional parades, we personally enjoy, and take advantage of this perk, and save hundreds.

Other discounts are available for travel and car rental, offers the most flexibility considering it offers a hassle free 10% off and serves as one of the largest online travel booking companies in the world.

NYCDOE teachers can get $25 off a Citi Bikes‘ annual membership. Incentives, and discounts for stores such as Banana Republic are available here.

Teachers are eligible for 15% discounts on every purchase from Michael’s stores, free admission to the Museum of Moving Images in NYC, and more than 10% off PartyCity school, and teacher purchases with your teacher ID.

Educators can relax, and unwind during summer vacation, or any other time off from work to enjoy 40% off Medieval Times, and Six Flax at reduced price with your NYCDOE information.


NYCDOE Educators can get a significant discount of 10% or more at Paris Baguette, the Cheesecake Factory, Omaha Stakes,, and These companies offer easy to use discount codes. However, in some cases you may need to login using your

Office Supplies

The New York City Department of Education partnered with FedEx to offer significant discounts, there are restrictions though, on FedEx Kinko’s of at least 15% off most products and services.

Additionally, FOAMCOREPRINT.COM offers a 10% discount for all educators using a coupon code that does not expire and can be reused. FOAMCOREPRINT.COM services include durable foam based pictures and many other illustrations that can be used both inside the classroom, and person use.


The NYCDOE has managed to work with the NYTimes, and the Wall Street Journal to offer NYCDOE educators an staggering 50% subscriptions for both News Papers. A hassle free 50% off is an amazing deal.

Educators can easily sign up for a account and receive a complete NYCDOE Technology guide available on Amazon completely FREE! upon registration, where you will find everything there is to know about NYCDOE EdTech.

Furthermore, there are many other perks when you create a free SchoolsView account. Perks include free how to guides, free paid Udemy courses using code LUNA280, ability to rate school Principals, Schools, Parental involvement, and Teachers, and engage and share ideas within the memebrs only SchoolsSocial.

Software and Devices

NYCDOE Educators can get Microsoft Office entirely FREE. Once you follow the steps, you will be able to download Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive to store your files in the cloud, and more.

How to Download Microsoft Office.
Works with any institution using Outlook.

The software is available for both Apple Devices, including the full feature iPhone and iPads Apps. However, some functionalities are exclusive to Microsoft Windows.

Educators can also sign up and receive 60% off monthly Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. This includes Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Reader with the ability to edit PDF files, among other very useful programs.

There are also discounts available for Apple, Dell, Lenovo, Samsung, HP, Fitbit devices, and Bose. Discounts range from 10% and and higher.

Home Owners

The NYCDOE offers is partnered with Verizon Fios, and and ADT Security. Discounts range from installation discounts, to monthly discounts on Verizon’s triple play deals.

Education Incentives

The following colleges offer significant discounts for M.A and PhD: Bank Street College of Education, Catalyst Prep, Colorado Technical University, Hills Learning Co., Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, Walden University, and Student Resource USA which offers services for Loan Forgiveness services for Educators.


Ultimately, educating the next generation is not an easy feat. However, there are many benefits to teaching, even though the salary sucks!, including many perks. For instance, i personally have been pulled over by the NYPD for typical traffic infractions, but when I show my teacher ID i get a lenient treatment, in addition to a respectful attitude towards NYPD officers of course.